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Blind & Shutter City offers a diverse collection of Duette® Shades that are perfect for creating a peaceful and welcoming ambiance within your home. These shades not only allow for a soft and beautiful diffusion of light, but they also provide exceptional energy efficiency. The unique design of the Duette® Shades acts as a barrier, effectively regulating the temperature in a room and resulting in significant savings on energy costs. Additionally, these shades are available in a wide variety of contemporary and classic styles, boasting a stunning array of colors and exclusive patterns that effortlessly complement any home interior. As each product is meticulously crafted to fit your specific window measurements, Duette® blinds seamlessly enhance the appearance of windows of all shapes and sizes, including round, triangular, oval, and tilt and turn windows.

Transparent Duette blinds are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Made from a woven fabric, these blinds offer a clear view of the outside world while maintaining your privacy during the day. Not only do they provide UV protection for your furniture, laminate flooring, and curtains, but they also reduce glare in the room. Additionally, Transparent Duette blinds can be combined with block out Duette blinds to create a versatile "day/night blind" solution. Available in a variety of colors and hardware finishes, these blinds can truly enhance the ambiance of any room. With their ability to balance functionality and style, Transparent Duette blinds are a fantastic choice for any home.

Transparent blinds

Block out Duette blinds are the perfect solution for any bedroom. Made with thermal and blackout fabrics, these blinds effectively reduce incoming light, ensuring a peaceful sleep for the entire family. With a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, everyone is sure to find a design they love. Additionally, these blinds are designed with child-safe operation in mind, providing peace of mind for parents. Not only are Block out Duette blinds ideal for bedrooms, but they are also great for TV rooms. Enjoy watching a movie without any interference from outside light. Furthermore, these blinds offer excellent acoustic properties, making them the obvious choice for any bedroom and TV room.

Block out Duette blinds

Translucent Duette blinds are a versatile window treatment option that adds a subtle filter to natural light. With a wide variety of colors and hardware choices, these blinds seamlessly complement any interior design style. When the blinds are lowered, they provide complete privacy while still allowing a soft glow of sunlight to enter. They are perfect for covering windows in any area of your home and can even be motorized for added convenience. Additionally, these blinds are a great way to incorporate texture into your room, as the interplay of light accentuates the weave of the blinds, creating depth and visual interest in your overall décor.

Translucent / Light filtering Duette blinds

Skylight Duette blinds are incredibly versatile and offer multiple ways to control them. You can either use a handle and telescopic rod for manual control or opt for a battery-operated or 220v motor for automated control. This flexibility in operation allows you to configure the blinds to open from the top down, bottom up, or both directions. These blinds are suitable for a variety of window types, including UPVC windows, Tilt and Turn windows, and internal partition windows. They are also perfect for various applications, such as skylights or blinds for doors, and can even be installed in boats, cars, motor homes, or caravans. The fabric used for these blinds is easy to maintain and can be cleaned by dusting and vacuuming with a brush attachment. Furthermore, you have the option to choose from transparent, block out, and light-filtering fabrics to cater to your specific preferences and needs.

Skylight Duette blinds

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Blind and shutter city , Luxaflex , Blockhouse, Somfy , Luminos